Where I’m at

I’ve been undergoing a sort of feminist revival in my personal life for about a year.  I came across “compulsory heterosexuality” in a blog, and my world changed.  One thing led to another.  Holy crap, someone actually explained why I felt sick about my rape fantasies, instead of saying “Whatever turns you on is OK and is feminist.”  Someone finally said that being turned on by a gendered imbalance of power is awful.  Someone finally pointed out that vanilla het sex already involves dominance and submission.  This is what I’ve needed to find.

So I read a bit, learned a bit, and set it aside.  Felt sad that I was decades too late.  A few months later, I read a bit more.  Found some blogs.  OMG, these people are still alive, I’m not too late.  Set it aside.  Came back to it.  Some blogs had been abandoned or closed.  I found more blogs.  I continue to be grateful that people are having current conversations.  Grateful that they are saying what they do, insisting that it’s relevant now.  I guess that I mostly just want to add myself to the number saying that radical feminism is current.  I don’t have big plans other than that.  We’ll see what happens.

Oh, and political lesbianism.  I want to talk about political lesbianism.


One thought on “Where I’m at

  1. rubyfruit2

    I am glad that there’s still time & space for you to connect with radical (lesbian) feminists/ (political) lesbians/lesbian separatists. I am glad you join us in our realisations that compulsory heterosexuality is just a lie to control all women. I hope there’ll never be a time when a woman thinks she’s “decades too late” to make those connections.


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